Friday, July 3, 2015

Freedom Reflections

I've been working my way through a great collection of short stories, titled "Carried in Our Hearts", compiled by Dr. Jane Aronson.
I found these two excerpts so provoking, heading into this Holiday weekend focused on celebrating the freedom of our country, I just had to share them.

"The fight for freedom is not only waged on an economic and political level but also on a personal level in the heart. The freedom to love and be loved, freedom from fear and abuse, and freedom from anger and desperation are as important as political freedom." -Nancy Jo Johnson

"What we have learned about adoption thus far is that a child on the other side of the world whom you may have yet to meet, who doesn't look like you, and who may not even speak your language, can bless and inform your life in immeasurable ways. There are countless children around the world who are born into unthinkable circumstances and hunger for love, hope, and deliverance. Our journey serves as a poignant reminder that each of these children is real and individual, not part of a critical mass too sizable to serve and protect. Each has a little face that smiles and cries, little hands that grasp and pray, and a little heart that feels and needs." -Meredith Kendall Valdez

As we celebrate our many freedoms this weekend I invite you to also pray for the possible freedoms of the many orphans worldwide.

That's all for today!

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